Cancellation/ Refund Policy

Refund Process
Before applying for the refund, the User must have completed the master class and attempted + cleared all the assessments included in the course successfully on the platform.
The User shall provide a proof of attending and attempting the course, along with the results obtained by them.
An acknowledgement must be given in writing by the User stating that they have deleted all the electronic copies or duplicates of such electronic copies of the materials provided by Peepoye before applying for the refund. The acknowledgement template shall be sent once a refund request is received.
In case the User does not complete the master class, that is, failed to sit through the whole class, it would not count as full attendance. Refunds in such scenarios shall not be processed.
The User is required to share their genuine feedback as to why they have applied for the refund, and they shall be required to complete a survey wherein they would be required to choose their preferred options, which shall support Peepoye Network to improve their further courses.
To apply for refund, or any such requests, the User must notify about the same to us by email at
Please note: Refunds are only available on the applicable products.

Peepoye reserves the right to modify its refund policy at any time without notice. However, the refund policy in effect at the time of any transaction shall apply to such purchase despite any subsequent change in the policy.
The refund restrictions mentioned herein shall be enforced to the extent permitted by applicable laws in India.

Cancellations/Rescheduling by Peepoye
Peepoye reserves the right to cancel/reschedule the course at any time, by giving prior intimation to all the enrolled Users. The reasons for cancellation/reschedule shall include, but not limited to, insufficient registrations or unanticipated circumstances. Please refer to the Force Majeure clause as well.
Peepoye is not liable to any incidental, direct, special or consequential damages that might occur due to cancellation of a scheduled class.
In such scenarios, the User shall be offered a full refund/credit as per their preference in compliance with the refund policy.

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